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hit us with your best shot

Who are you?

We are a coalition united in the goal of showing that our community is a welcoming and inclusive place.


How are you gonna show that?

We will put on inclusion events that demonstrate our commitment to kindness and hospitality. Maybe we'll even engender some discussion and perhaps even foster a little more ‘togetherness’ along the way.


Is this for me?



But seriously, I don’t live in Darien - can I participate?

Ya. We’re serious about inclusivity. We welcome anyone who believes in our vision to subscribe to our membership and, if local, participate in our programming. If you want to participate from afar, throw us a follow on the gram. We'll be curating fun and inclusive content to coffinate your feed. 


Is this political?

No. This group is meant to promote inclusion and hospitality in lower Fairfield County. Sometimes that goal will cross over with politically charged topics, such as increasing diversity, equity and inclusion measures in our school curricula. While that effort also serves our goals, our programming does not encompass educational reform. Our events are extracurricular in every sense – voluntary and independent of the school system. For resources on educational reform in Connecticut, we invite you to check out the amazing work of our community partner R.A.G.E.T.I.M.E. While we may explore  and discuss political topics on a COFFI Klatch -- basically, we don't care who you voted for. If you're about kindness and want to expose yourself or your child to more inclusive offerings, come join us.


What kinds of books will you be reading at the Storytimes?

All sorts! We follow the affinity calendar, so generally our stories will speak to the particular point of view we're amplifying that month. Our Flavor Shot sheets are indicative of the inclusive vibes we're going for month to month. We invite you to check them out and get the flavor for what we mean before deciding whether to attend.  And Here are a few books we've read that don't speak to a particular cultural viewpoint. We love these too! 


Do I need to pay?

Membership in our coalition costs an annual fee of $50. In an effort to remain as inclusive as possible, we strive to create programming that is very low cost. Some of our programs, however, require us to purchase necessary materials, such as books, rocks and art supplies. For these events, we generally charge between $5-10 depending on the cost of materials. It is our hope that the annual membership dues will cover the bulk of the costs of our humble, grassroots-style events.  And if you can't afford it, let us know. We maintain a Double Shot Community Fund so that COFFI programming is accessible to all, regardless of income.  


How do I sign up?



I'm not local so I can't attend any events, can I still contribute?

um.. YES! And thanks. See our Support page for various ways to help our events thrive from afar.  Pick up some merch!  We're partial to the sneaks. 

Do y'all do refunds? 

Unfortunately no.  We are a tiny operation of 2. I checked with both our sales and our accounting teams (still us), and unfortunately we just don't have the manpower to process COFFI Shop returns and exchanges. If you received the wrong size on a clothing item reach out to us - we may be able to work out a special accommodation.  We also are not able to offer refunds on memberships, but if you are unhappy with your experience at an event we definitely encourage you to let us know so we can improve. Our business is in the business of making our community a happier, more inclusive place. If you have feedback for us that promotes that goal we're always happy to learn.  Of course, we know plans can change in an instant, but because we keep ticket prices low (essentially just to cover supplies or paying a special guest), it is not feasible to offer refunds for events when a cancellation is within 48 hrs. 

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No. COFFI is a social benefit LLC.  Although we are not organized as a nonprofit (which as it happens takes forever and is quite cumbersome to maintain), our business model is not priced to turn a profit.  This is a passion project - we are professionals who do this on the side for the benefit of our community. Some social enterprises you might know include Phenomenal Media, Toms and Warby Parker.  The difference is, they're wildly successful and we're probs just gonna be painting rocks in the park.  But that's cool with us. We'd love your support, but note that neither your membership, nor any other monetary contribution is considered a charitable donation by the IRS.


Ok but do we really need this? Darien is pretty great!

We agree - Darien is pretty great. There is so much we love about our town. We also think there’s room for improvement in some areas. The fact is Darien has very little diversity. This can contribute to a reputation for being non-inclusive. We hope that showing our kindness will help change that.


What about covid?

Our programming is designed to be as covid-friendly as possible. Most of our events will occur outdoors. To the extent indoor gatherings are planned, we will work with our venue to cap attendance at a level that complies with any and all covid mandates, restrictions or recommendations.


Can my workplace sponsor an event or program?

Yes. Please get in touch with us to discuss partnership opportunities. We can offer various partnership levels that can be customized to suit your business' needs.


Isn’t this just virtue signaling?

No. Not for us! We have found that many of our fellow Dariennites of all ages are genuinely interested in engaging more on topics of inclusion. Some of us have been working to increase awareness of diversity issues within our schools, but those efforts have been met with… complications. We decided to create less complicated opportunities for people to learn more about inclusion. If that sounds good to you, come paint a rainbow on a rock with us! Maybe when we’re done we’ll read a children’s book with a differently-abled protagonist. See you there!


What’s a Kiki?

A kiki is a party

For calming all your nerves

We're spilling tea and dishing just desserts one may deserve

And though the sun is rising

Few may choose to leave

So shade that lid

And we'll all bid

Adieu to your ennui

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