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how do we take our coffi? very seriously. 


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We are the Coalition of Families for Inclusion. Lower Fairfield County has so much kindness, hospitality and open-mindedness—that's who we are.  But let's face it: we have a less than stellar rep for being an inclusive place for all families. We don’t like that. That's why we're banding together to put on recurring, inclusive programming for all ages in Lower Fairfield County and beyond.

We get it. You're low on bandwidth, but high on intention. You are kind and inclusive, but don't have the time to figure out every piece of the puzzle.  We'll make it easy:  join our coalition and attend our events when you can. We're going to show how inclusive our community can be—together.


Once you join COFFI, you make a piece of our inclusion movement yours. Let's make your kindness more visible. 

a young child smiling holding their painting with the word LOVE in a heart


COFFI is based in former sundown town Darien, Connecticut. It is important to confront and acknowledge the painful history of our headquarters. COFFI represents those of us living here today who denounce hate in all forms. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re going to show you. We’re making our kindness more visible every day.

Where are you based? 

COFFI programming is put on by the same team that brought you the Children's Art Walk in 2020. Our efforts are co-led by Armel Jacobs and Diane Urban. You can learn more about us in a profile created by the New Canaan and Darien Local Moms Network in advance of the 2020 Art Walk, available here.

Who is running this shindig? 

How do I join? 

You can join our coalition by purchasing a $50 annual membership. Membership in COFFI gives you reduced priced access to our paid programming, including our monthly inclusive storytimes (pre-k and elementary), rock-painting club (all ages) and quarterly happy hours (adults).


For access to our free programming, simply follow us on Instagram. You can also support our programming from afar by buying some supplies from our wishlist, or by rocking some COFFI merch.

COFFI is a social benefit LLC. We are organized as a for-profit entity, but we are not priced to turn a profit. We wanted to do something for the benefit of our community, but we just don't have time to fund and operate a non-profit. As busy professionals and moms, we needed a business model that would be self-funding.


We hope you'll join and support us as our coalition works toward a more inclusive tomorrow. 

Are you a nonprofit? 

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