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Children's Art Walk 
The Children's Art Walk is an annual peaceful demonstration in which the elementary aged children of Darien and beyond proudly display their art works through town.  

COFFI Klatch 
Get to know the people in our community who are facilitating change.  Learn about their unique perspectives in this recurring series of one-on-one interviews with notable figures in town.  Tune in to learn what your neighbors, friends and leaders have to say about inclusion. 

COFFI KID Connections

So you talk about the importance of diversity, but will you take it a step further? Join us for these, inclusive story times hosted by the Darien Library and the Darien Nature Center. 

Power to the Pebbles 
An art club for all ages.  Join us as we paint positive messages on rocks, then place them around the community to make our kindness visible. 

COFFI Crawl 
Line up those babysitters! This is a pub crawl for the adults of COFFI to get to know one another.  Come discover who else in our community is a big ole fan of inclusion. 

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