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50 bucks for a stake in our inclusive future - sounds like a fair trade!

COFFI Membership

COFFI members enjoy access at reduced prices to all of our paid, in-person programming including

With membership, you will also donate 1 inclusive story book to a child in need. We hope you will help us make lower Fairfield County's kindness more visible by showing up for our events when you can. Look out for opportunities to get involved! We'd love to have you guest read a Storytime, or host an art club session in your backyard.  We're all in this together.

Let's get some COFFI.

  • Walk the Walk Storytimes (preK and elementary)

  • Power to the Pebbles (all ages)

  • COFFI Crawl Happy Hours (21+)

every membership builds the inclusive library of a child in need.
choose one of these books for donation at checkout. 

Lupita Nyong'o

A beautifully illustrated story of a little girl with darker skin than her family members and peers. Join Sulwe on her journey of self love and gratitude for the skin she's in.
uniquely wired.jpeg

Julia Cook & Anita DuFalla

A window into the life of Zak, a neurodiverse child with autism. Celebrate Zak's many differences and strengths, all while learning lessons on patience, understanding, and appreciation for a unique perspective.
worm loves worm.jpeg

J.J. Austrian 

Love wins in this whimsical tale of a worm wedding where the guests have lots of questions. Who wears the dress? Who wears the tux? The answer is it doesn't matter because Worm Loves Worm!
Say Something!.jpeg

Peter H. Reynolds

This motivating book empowers kids to raise their own voices against injustice. Learn just how powerful one voice can be, and just how many ways you can Say Something! in our world.
dont call me special.jpeg

Pat Thomas & Lesley Harker

This highly informative book highlights the point of view of differently abled children. Kids will gain an appreciation and sensitivity for assumptions they might be making about their differently abled classmates. Learn about the happy and full lives of people with physical disabilities in this reassuring, yet honest book.
All of these titles are available for borrowing or for purchase from our Community Partners, the Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore
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