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COFFI is delighted to partner with local charitable institution Person 2 Person to build the inclusive libraries of children in need. Here are the current slate of books you can choose from when you join COFFI. 


A gorgeous picture book about a young Tiawanese boy who, through the loving relationships with his family, realizes that his eyes connect him to his past and give him visions of the future. 

Joanna Ho & Dung Ho


Junot Díaz & Leo Espinosa 

Through the help of her family, friends, and her imagination, Lola learns about the island where she was born. And she discovers that though she immigrated when she was just a baby, the island is still a part of her.

Carrie Finison & Daniel Wiseman

Hugging isn't for everyone! This upbeat book affirms sensory differences and introduces the concept of consent in an age appropriate way.

Airlie Anderson

A little creature that's not quite a bird and not quite a bunny  - "it's neither!" - searches to fit in. Young readers will enjoy this adorable book that celebrates what makes each of us unique.

Sonia Sotomayor & Rafael López

Author and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor celebrates the different abilities kids have. As the kids work together to build a community garden, they ask questions about each other along the way. While they are all different, each is a special part of making the garden, and world, more beautiful., 
All of these titles are available for borrowing or for purchase from either of our Community Partners, the Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore
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