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Meet an Includer

The german word "kaffeeklatch" refers to an informal social gathering where coffee is served. In COFFI Klatch, we will talk one on one with those in our community that are working hard to highlight inclusion issues. In these recorded conversations, you will get to know these leaders and hear first hand about their experiences in our town. You know we're all about COFFI, but perhaps we'll make an exception and even serve up a little tea! You can find details about who is being interviewed and when on our Instagram.

Episode 1: Dr. Amanda Craig

Episode 1, titled "We Feel Alive in Resiliency,"  features Dr. Amanda Craig, a practicing family therapist, published author and mother of two.


Thank you so much Dr. Craig for this meaningful conversation, and for your commitment to inclusion in your community. For more background on some of the things mentioned in this Klatch, check out the below.

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